Welcome to Made for Me Boutique where trend meets comfort in all different shapes and sizes! Our family-owned business is run by three sisters bringing diversity to our brand in more ways than one. You know what they say, everything that comes in three is complete and that couldn’t be more true!

Being able to collaborate with one another has opened doors to a wider array of fashions geared to YOUR body type and personal style. Valerie, our oldest sister, pays a lot of attention to detail which brings a unique touch to our pieces. Whether it may be a hint of bohemian chic or edgy inspired, she pushes versatility for looks that can be dressed up or down. Theresa has a minimalistic approach which brings simplicity and comfort to the boutique in which you can’t go wrong. And we couldn’t possibly forget Angela who makes her presence known with her bold and flashy style while also staying tasteful and on trend. Leopard print anyone? We make our teamwork, and we are held together by our mom who just so happens to be our biggest supporter. She has pushed us to reach for the stars and has shown us that hard work really does pay off!

When we created Made for Me, we figured why not create a one-stop shop where everyone can find trendy pieces for their body type? That is what we ultimately wanted to provide when we launched the idea, and how we want our community of women to feel when they shop Made for Me. Our boutique also offers a wide variety of our favorite brands including our very own handmade wood signs making Made for Me a true lifestyle boutique.

Our multifunctional wear has just the right amount of comfort with a feminine touch for a day of running errands to a night out on the town. We also carry sizes made for YOU from XS-3X because no one should ever feel like an afterthought. We hand select each piece with you in mind so you leave feeling confident! Made For Me was made with you in mind, and we want to ensure you feel just that from the moment you enter, to the time you leave!