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Aloe Daily Sheet Mask

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  • A soothing cupra rayon sheet mask powered by Aloe Vera, Cucumber + Potato Extract. Leaves your skin feeling....soothed and calm like a quick trip to paradise.
  • Brings cool, comforting relief to sensitive and damaged skin. The essence quickly makes itself at home, sinking into skin to help retain moisture and calming your complexion. Cucumber extract helps to effortlessly soothe redness, irritation + inflammation for a nurtured, 9-hours of sleep quality luminosity. 
  • Aloe Vera -A vitamin and amino-acid dense plant extract that refreshes skin’s water reserves and improves its barrier function while soothing and healing the skin’s surface.

  • Cucumber Extract- A long-held reparative and spa-favorite skin ingredient that helps to soothe and relieve puffy skin.

  • Potato Extract- Contains potassium, calcium & vitamin B6 to promote a soft-hued, well hydrated appearance.

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